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The TD-20 Sensor/Transmitter is a PIR detector which will detect both people and vehicles. This weatherproof wireless indoor/outdoor sensor transmitter mounts easily wherever you need to know of people or cars arriving or leaving, and sends a signal back to the Optex RC-20 Receiver (up to 2000')to alert you of visitors. It includes two detection patterns: fan (~17' semi-circle) or long range (at ~50' away from transmitter invisible beam size is 6' x 9' rectangular). The TD-20 is easily mounted behind a tree with its unique mounting capability.


  • Specially designed sensor mounts easily on walls, ceilings, fence posts, desktops, etc.
  • Weatherproof design of sensor allows outdoor use.
  • Two detection patterns: 50ft Long Range and 17ft. Fan Pattern.
  • Detection pattern adjusts easily for perfect aiming.
  • Transmission codes are preset at the factory with over 8 million possibilities, virtually eliminating the possibility of interference or cross-talk.
  • All wireless transmitters have 'dead spots' within their transmission range. TD-20's improved antenna design greatly reduces 'dead spots' to make installation easier and increase reliability.
  • 1 RC-20 and up to 4 TD-20 can be installed around your home entrances for perimeter awareness.
  • Transmission Distance (LOS):up to 2000'
  • Recommended Max Distance: 800'