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Keep Your Business Secure: Go Wireless and Be Alerted!

I absolutely love having customers come into my store. It is the main reason I get up in the morning and go to work. But to know when someone is at the door you absolutely need a wireless door chime for your business. Without one, you won’t know when someone is walking into your store, and it also provides a sense of security. I want to be alerted by a warm sound, and want an easy-to-set up doorbell that [...]

Keep Your Business and Home Safe: Stay Alert!

It seems mandatory nowadays to have some sort of chime or beep go off when you walk through a door. This happens all the time at fast food restaurants, industrial places, and at people’s houses. While it is definitely in a person’s benefit to hear when someone comes in, so they can be ready for them, I also find an entry alert is a great security feature that everyone should have; an entrance alert will let you know when [...]

Know When Someone Enters: Improve Your Safety

When I first started my company, we didn’t have enough money to focus on a primary aspect of a business: security. We obviously had locks that we would secure at night, but there was no alarm system or way to tell us if someone had entered the premises. At first, we didn’t think it was that much of an issue, until we would be at the back of our store doing stock, and have no idea that a customer [...]

Chime Alert: A Pleasant Way to Enter Your Home or Business

I own my personal business and it fills me with pride. I run a manufacturing and goods store in a small town, and I have been running it for the past twelve years. It brings me great joy when I hear my entrance alert chime go off throughout the day, because I know I should come out of my shop and greet a new customer. Door chime alerts are fantastic to let store owners know if someone is waiting [...]

Shop Door Entrance Alert Review & Information

Due to growing crime rate, it has become mandatory and wise to install a door entrance alert at your home or workplace. Business owners use a door entrance alert to notify them whenever a customer enters. Every home owner also has the plan of installing this device because of its security advantage, because it will notify anyone who is already at home that a guest has arrived. Door entrance alert are usually in two forms or designs- traditional and modern [...]